Re-Publishing historical football content digitally

When Scottish Football Took Europe By Storm – 1967

By on 9 March 2018

We’re right at the business end of the European Football competitions – some good, some not so good results this week for English clubs. On a European nostalgia kick, we take you back to Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly July 1967 when writer on all things North of the border, Ken Gallagher, reviewed the season when Scottish football took Europe by storm -1966-67.

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English Football in the Snow 1963

By on 2 March 2018

Underfloor heating, grassy pitches – luxury! Weather like we are currently experiencing only really tends to get games called off if the spectators can’t get to the ground safely.

Compare and contrast! In January 1963, not a single First Division match was played in English football due to the snow and freezing conditions. And it certainly created some controversy as clubs, under huge pressure to be fair, fought to try and get games played. As Pat Collins says in this article from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, March 1963, football began to make itself a laughing stock as matches took place in unplayable, farcical conditions.

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Arsenal v Swindon Town – League Cup Final 1969

By on 22 February 2018

Arsenal take on Premier League leaders Manchester City in the League Cup final on Sunday rated very much the underdogs. That’s not to say it would be a huge shock if The Gunners were to prove victorious, just that it would go against the bookies’ odds. Contrast that with the 1969 League Cup Final when the mighty Arsenal took on Third Division Swindon Town at Wembley.

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Football on TV in 1964

By on 9 February 2018

This week, the bidding begins again in earnest as to how the TV rights for the Premier League are to be carved up and dished out when the present deal ends. Get ready because we all know who the winners and losers are in that game.

Compare and contrast this article by Patrick Collins from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly in December 1964. Pre-1966 World Cup gates were well down in England and the idea of showing more football on Television was just madness in the eyes of the experts of the day. Not to mention, the lack of faith in the FA’s management in general (yes then as well as now) meant that the football public as a whole were very concerned we were going to make a hash of hosting the 1966 World Cup.

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FA Cup Giant Killers from the 50s, 60s & 70s

By on 26 January 2018

The Fourth Round of the FA Cup taking place this weekend has thrown up some potential giant-killing fixtures. Inevitably that’s what many will be looking out for. Some FA Cup shocks have now become almost as famous as the final itself, particularly since the advent of football highlights on TV and they are endlessly played out when the cup comes round each year. Some, however, are not so well-remembered and, consequently, SoccerAttic is re-visiting three not so well known giant killings from the ’50s , ’60s and ’70s that we first wrote about two years ago.

Hopefully, they’re still just as interesting two years on. Enjoy.

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Derek Dougan – a tribute on his 80th birthday

By on 18 January 2018

Yesterday on Facebook SoccerAttic marked the anniversary of the abolition of the professional footballers’ maximum wage in 1961 – an initiative championed by the then Chairman of the PFA, Jimmy Hill. Today we pay tribute to another former Chairman of the PFA who, but for his death in 2007 aged just 69, would have been celebrating his 80th birthday tomorrow – Derek Dougan.

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Beyond the Centrefold – Coventry 1964

By on 12 January 2018

A great result last weekend for Coventry City beating Stoke in the FA Cup. It might be a little premature to say that things might be on the up for the Sky Blues but they also find themselves third in League 2. As a result, SoccerAttic has chosen a bit of a Coventry theme this week. This team photo from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, November 1964, shows the squad that won promotion from the old third division the previous season under the vision and leadership of Jimmy Hill. They would go on to win promotion to Division One in 1967. Hover or tap the face of each player for more information.

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Everton v West Brom – 1968 FA Cup Final

By on 5 January 2018

There is no doubting the FA Cup occupies a much reduced status in the modern game. Attempts by the media to over egg the so-called “magic of the FA Cup” serve only to highlight this fact. But, taking it for what it is – its history and tradition and the fact that it is a damn good knockout competition – at SoccerAttic, we can’t help but get excited when the Third Round comes along.

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I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

By on 21 December 2017

In the January 1965 issue of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly (published in the third week of December 1964) Roland Allen penned quite an endearing article telling some football-related Christmas tales from history. As SoccerAttic prepares to go on a Christmas break, we thought it would be appropriate to re-publish it here for your enjoyment.

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