Re-Publishing historical football content digitally


Why Soccer Attic?

Some years ago we became concerned about the state of modern football and where it was heading. We began looking into how football had developed believing it was somehow ‘better’ in previous eras.

When we delved into the topic we realised that many of the issues that the game faces today were set in motion in the 1960’s. The more we explored (chiefly through reading football literature of the day) the more it stimulated our interest in the different mindset of the day. For example, how much more reverentially the FA Cup was viewed in previous eras in comparison to the League Championship and how England’s assumed superiority on the international stage had mirrored the fading of the British Empire.

This led us to thinking that, if we were interested in reading football magazines from a previous era, surely many more of you would also like to share the experience. It could be for nostalgic reasons, for research purposes or pure historical interest but, above all, it could be a valuable resource for helping us understand how football became what it is today – for good and bad. And so, Soccer Attic was born.

Soccer Attic publishes vintage football content, chiefly, though not exclusively, from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. We purchased Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly magazine in May 2013. Until recently we had also secured the rights for re-publishing digitally, Shoot Magazine from the 1970’s though at the present time that arrangement is on hold. Maybe not forever.

Charles Buchan's Football Monthly June 1970 coverOn this website we like to select specific, and sometimes topical, articles, pictures or bits of history to try and enhance it and bring it to life for you like it does for us. We love making comparisons and contrasts with the present day but, for us, the real beauty is the fact that this content was written at the time – not with the hindsight of decades of knowledge and reflection – but the opinions expressed in the era. We hope it gives you the same kind of buzz. Equally so, there are just some fantastic pictures to look at!

Perhaps most important of all is for you to tell us what you are interested in and what eras of football history you are keen to see us publish online. Soccer Attic is for you the football supporter to enjoy so be sure to tell us what you’d like to see and keep visiting the site for updates.

Because we think the images in Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly are very iconic, we’ve recently also added a gift shop where you can buy gift items featuring classic pictures of teams and players from the magazine. There’s also our “Road to Wembley 1966” book featuring original content from the magazine that tells the story of England’s World Cup triumph.

Thank you for supporting SoccerAttic