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England v Holland Head to Head – Do We Not Like That!

By on 22 March 2018

England meet Holland in a friendly international tonight ahead of a World Cup in which the Dutch are not appearing. Something they also did in 1970 and 1982. Just one small statistic that came out when Soccer Attic decided to look at the head to head record of the two nations. We’ve included our summary here with a look back at action from some of the memorable and less memorable games between the two. Plus we’ve added some snippets and pics we thought you’d find interesting.

By far and away the majority of the matches between England and Holland have been friendlies. The two have only met at a World Cup finals once in 1990 and only twice at the Euros in 1988 and 1996. This is probably reflected in the inability of both to qualify for major finals at the same time. England failed to qualify for the World Cup in ’74 and ’78 when the Dutch were arguably the best team in the World. When England finally made it to Spain in 1982 and again to Mexico in 1986, a Holland team on the wain were not there.  In 1994 when the Dutch did qualify for the World Cup in the US, it was, as we all painfully remember, at our expense. Do we not like that!

Overall, sadly for England fans, the record is an all too familiar one when you look at our head to head record against major sides (see Germany and Italy here). We won three out of four of the first meetings including an 8-2 demolition at home in 1946. We were unbeaten against the Dutch until February 1977 when we lost in a friendly at home. Full details with scores and dates can be found here.

But then you look at our competitive games and we see once again that our record is not good. Only one victory in five when it actually mattered – a very satisfying 4-1 thrashing at home in Euro 96 when the Dutch were beset by infighting and changing room strife. But none of us will forget October 1993 and Graham Taylor’s failed attempt at qualification for US 1994 – both for the pain and the humour that it generated.

Johan Cruyff

The late Johan Cruyff dubbed the George Best of Holland in CBFM, Mar 1969

Perhaps one of the most notable points is that, in 1970, Holland were still considered a second or even third rate side. When we drew 0-0 in a friendly ahead of Mexico 1970, England were the clear favourites to win that game – the Dutch having not even qualified for the finals. The Dutch, however, rebuilt themselves into the team of the 1970s with the emergence of the likes of Cruyff, Neeskens, Haan, Krol, Rep et al. England, though, have never managed to enjoy even a brief period since then where we could consider ourselves serious favourites going into a major tournament. In fact, and we’ve made reference to this before, as our national game has grown richer and richer, the England international team seem to have become poorer and poorer.

England v Holland Head to Head Record

Type Pld Won Drawn Lost For Against
Friendly 15 4 7 4 22 18
World Cup Finals 1 0 1 0 0 0
World Cup Qualifier 2 0 1 1 2 4
Euro Finals 2 1 0 1 5 4
Competitive Matches 5 1 2 2 7 8
Home 11 3 4 4 21 16
Away 7 2 4 1 7 7
Neutral 2 0 1 1 1 3
Total 20 5 9 6 34 26

Some of the lesser well-known meetings between England and Holland with reports from CBFM and some of the more familiar ones

Holland v England 1964

Match report from CBFM Feb 1965. Click to zoom in and read.

Holland v England 1969

Match report from CBFM Jan 1970. Click to zoom in and read.

England v Holland 1970

Match report from CBFM Mar 1970. Click to zoom in and read

OK. So We Couldn’t Resist Showing This

At this point we wanted to show England v Holland at Euro 96 but UEFA’s video is not able to be embedded here. But for your enjoyment just follow this link

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