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The ‘Team of the ’60s’ Part 2 – The Cups

By on 2 May 2014

Last week SoccerAttic published our English team of the 1960s based on League Championship points (see last week’s post from the home page). This week we continue the debate by examining the English domestic cup records for the decade.

So that we could provide enough relevant data in helping to decide the ultimate team of the ’60s, and, for simplicity’s sake, we only looked at the records of the teams that had spent at least five seasons in the top Division.

It did not become compulsory to enter the League Cup until the 1971-72 season and it was primarily the more successful clubs who chose not to enter in its earliest years. Consequently we have weighted the points awarded for this substantially below the FA Cup. This is underlined by the number of asterisks denoting non-participation in the table below and the fact that three clubs from outside the top Division, Norwich, QPR and Swindon, won the trophy. For the League Cup, we allocated 4 points for winning, 2 points for being losing finalists and a point for reaching the semi-finals. For the FA Cup we allocated 10 points for winning, 8 points for being losing finalists, 4 points for reaching the semi-finalists and a point for reaching the quarter finals.

From our analysis Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham share equal billing as the English cup kings of the 1960s, although arguably it should be a strict ‘trophy in the cabinet’ measurement. By that reckoning it would be Tottenham’s crown.

This is only the second part of the story. We’ll be doing more analysis of the League and European cups and, hopefully with your help, find The ‘Team of the ’60s’. We’d like you to contribute to the debate by contacting us at the link below.