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The Team of the ’60s – Part 4 – All Competitions

By on 16 May 2014

The data says Tottenham were the best. What do you think?

Below is the empirical data combining all 3 previous postings about the “Team of the ’60s” debate. Part 1 covered the League. Part 2 covered the FA and League Cup competitions. Part 3 added the European competitions.

But were Tottenham really the “Team of the ’60s”? All SoccerAttic have done is present the data, based on our scoring system, which places more emphasis on League success – probably more than the general football supporting public would have done at the time. For instance, the European Cup became a ‘holy grail’ for English clubs following the Munich tragedy, but would it have been considered an achievement higher than winning the League title? SoccerAttic doesn’t believe so – although, please have your say via our contact form!

Team of the '60s Summary All Comps
Spurs Double Team 1960-61 In first place, Tottenham Hotspur. Without doubt the early part of the decade saw the best of this team. Indeed, it could be said that the Spurs Double side continued to challenge for the League title in the following couple of seasons – and not really since then! A further FA Cup win in 1967 was the highlight of a disappointing second half of the decade, when expectations would have been higher.









Man Utd 1967 English ChampionsIn second place, Manchester United. The early part of the decade saw the re-building of a post-Munich air crash Manchester United team that reached its peak in the mid-’60s. The team that finally won the European Cup in 1968 was clearly a team going into decline after winning two titles in three years.






Everton Champions 1963In third place, Everton. No-one in the 1960s won more League matches or points than Everton and it brought 2 titles, 7 years apart. However, it could be said that Everton teams were less sexily star-studded than either their Merseyside and Mancunian rivals. Which is probably why they don’t immediately leap to mind when debating the “Team of the ’60s”.





The first Leeds trophy ever 1968

In fourth place, Leeds United. Leeds’ showing is the more impressive given that they only reached the top flight for the first time in 1964. Initially, perennial second-placers, Leeds won their first English title in 1969 with a then record points total. They were definitely the team to beat in the latter stages of the decade. Arguably their trophy haul then and in the following years should have been higher.


There are some surprises – Liverpool didn’t finish in the top 4 (unexpectedly to us) and despite winning 2 League titles in 3 seasons. Undoubtedly the fact that Liverpool spent the earlier part of the decade in the second tier counted against them. Chelsea appearing so high reflects their position as one of the top cup teams, along with West Brom. Burnley appearing in seventh place would be a surprise to modern day fans, but had we taken into account the previous 1959-60 season then as Champions they would have appeared even higher.