Re-Publishing historical football content digitally

John White, Spurs: He Enriched the Game

By on 27 April 2018

Tomorrow would have been the 81st birthday of Spurs and Scotland inside forward John White. Would have been but for the extraordinary circumstances of his death at the age of just 27 in July 1964. While sheltering from a storm on a golf course in Enfield, North London, White was struck by lightning. As our tribute to a talented footballer whose life was ended so tragically and so young, SoccerAttic is republishing his obituary from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, September 1964.

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Beyond the Centre-Fold – Fulham 1960

By on 19 April 2018

This Fulham team from the 1959-60 season was quite a mixed bag of players: a World Cup winner, a couple of former England captains, a European Cup-winning manager and some of the best known and loved Fulham players of any era. There’s even a former Chelsea legend!

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The Wind of Change in European Soccer – 1951-’68

By on 12 April 2018

In April 1968, Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly published its 200th edition. To mark this event, the writing team chose to look back at how the game had developed since the first issue was published in September 1951.

With the European competitions very much at the fore this week, SoccerAttic has chosen to re-publish this article from that 200th issue where Leslie Vernon, the European football columnist reviewed developments in the game across Europe in those 17 years.

The period had seen the advent of both the European Cup and the Cup Winners Cup and the progression of the game across Europe as hungrier, more progressive and tactically aware ‘continental’ nations seized the initiative from a complacent England – both nationally and internationally. At the time of writing, Spurs and West Ham had enjoyed success in the Cup Winners Cup but Celtic were the only British team to have triumphed in the European Cup. Manchester United would go on to win it in May of that year.

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England v Holland Head to Head – Do We Not Like That!

By on 22 March 2018

England meet Holland in a friendly international tonight ahead of a World Cup in which the Dutch are not appearing. Something they also did in 1970 and 1982. Just one small statistic that came out when Soccer Attic decided to look at the head to head record of the two nations. We’ve included our summary here with a look back at action from some of the memorable and less memorable games between the two. Plus we’ve added some snippets and pics we thought you’d find interesting.

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FA Cup Final 1966 – the “forgotten” final

By on 15 March 2018

Everton overcame a 2-goal deficit to win thrillingly 3-2 against Sheffield Wednesday in the 1966 FA Cup Final. Yet when remembering 1960’s Finals, Spurs’ Double team exploits, Manchester United’s first silverware post-Munich, Liverpool’s very first-ever FA Cup win, as well as WBA’s and Manchester City’s exploits appear much more readily in the mind.

Amidst all the bally-hoo of England’s hosting and, of course, winning the World Cup, we think that this Final got lost in the euphoric aftermath of “England’s Greatest Day”. So here’s a celebration of that Final with regular feature writer, Pat Collins, making his annual winner prediction – and getting it right as nearly always! Plus a summary of that year’s competition. As always you can click and expand the individual pages uploaded from the original magazine.

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When Scottish Football Took Europe By Storm – 1967

By on 9 March 2018

We’re right at the business end of the European Football competitions – some good, some not so good results this week for English clubs. On a European nostalgia kick, we take you back to Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly July 1967 when writer on all things North of the border, Ken Gallagher, reviewed the season when Scottish football took Europe by storm -1966-67.

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English Football in the Snow 1963

By on 2 March 2018

Underfloor heating, grassy pitches – luxury! Weather like we are currently experiencing only really tends to get games called off if the spectators can’t get to the ground safely.

Compare and contrast! In January 1963, not a single First Division match was played in English football due to the snow and freezing conditions. And it certainly created some controversy as clubs, under huge pressure to be fair, fought to try and get games played. As Pat Collins says in this article from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, March 1963, football began to make itself a laughing stock as matches took place in unplayable, farcical conditions.

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Arsenal v Swindon Town – League Cup Final 1969

By on 22 February 2018

Arsenal take on Premier League leaders Manchester City in the League Cup final on Sunday rated very much the underdogs. That’s not to say it would be a huge shock if The Gunners were to prove victorious, just that it would go against the bookies’ odds. Contrast that with the 1969 League Cup Final when the mighty Arsenal took on Third Division Swindon Town at Wembley.

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Football on TV in 1964

By on 9 February 2018

This week, the bidding begins again in earnest as to how the TV rights for the Premier League are to be carved up and dished out when the present deal ends. Get ready because we all know who the winners and losers are in that game.

Compare and contrast this article by Patrick Collins from Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly in December 1964. Pre-1966 World Cup gates were well down in England and the idea of showing more football on Television was just madness in the eyes of the experts of the day. Not to mention, the lack of faith in the FA’s management in general (yes then as well as now) meant that the football public as a whole were very concerned we were going to make a hash of hosting the 1966 World Cup.

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