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England’s World Cup Play-Off 1958

By on 10 November 2017

The history of England’s World Cup pasts are illustrated and covered in our book 1966: The Road to Wembley – England’s journey to World Cup glory through the pages of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly between 1951 – 1966. With the World Cup play-offs under way, we are going back in time to the 1958 World Cup to re-visit a “play-off” game involving England against the Soviet Union. This and other gems of England’s history are covered in more detail in the book along with many many fine pictures from the time.

Because several of the World Cup winning squad are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, we are donating £5 for every sale of the book to the Alzheimer’s Society. So get a great Xmas stocking filler as well as supporting the fight against dementia!

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Win a Billy Bremner Mug! Free Draw…

By on 2 November 2017

Loved and hated probably in equal measures, Billy Bremner was a player who nonetheless commanded enormous respect. Even outside of Leeds and Scotland there would have been a begrudging admission from most supporters that they would rather have him in their side than not. This article, by Pat Collins, was first published in the May 1970 issue of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly and praises Bremner’s self-growth both as a player and a person.

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Meet the 1957-58 Liverpool Team

By on 19 October 2017

Hard to imagine a time when Liverpool were a 2nd Division outfit but in the 1950s/early 60s they spent eight consecutive seasons in the English second tier. This picture was published in the December 1957 issue of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly and features some very well known club legends such as Billy Liddell and Ronnie Moran.

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Tomorrow’s Fixtures – Classic Matches from Yesteryear

By on 13 October 2017

Tomorrow’s fixtures include two hotly contested derbies – Liverpool v Manchester United and Wolves v Aston Villa and less notable Manchester City v Stoke City. We’ve picked these three fixtures out because they have produced some classic encounters from days gone by. SoccerAttic has selected three here with action from the games, pics of some of the scorers and reports from the Sunday papers the following day.

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Win an Alf Ramsey Mug! Free Draw…

By on 5 October 2017

This article was first published in the January 1952 issue of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly. Interestingly it identifies many of the qualities and, indeed, foibles of Sir Alf Ramsey when he was still a player with Spurs and England. Later in his career, despite being the only manager to truly deliver something which made England supporters proud, he had these qualities thrown back in his face in being too formulaic and intransigent. Click on the page images below (above on tablets!) to have a look at the original article as published.

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Football Management in 1964 – Harry Catterick, Everton Writes

By on 28 September 2017

In the 1960s Everton were one of the big boys in English football. They won their sixth Division One Championship in the 1962-63 season. In February 1964, when they were defending champions, manager Harry Catterick wrote an article in Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, reproduced here by SoccerAttic, in which he talked about the pressures of managing one of the top football teams in England.

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Manchester United 1955-56 – The Busby Babes

By on 21 September 2017

This picture taken from the February 1957 issue of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly shows, we believe, the Manchester United starting XI against Aston Villa played on 15th October 1955. The game ended in a 4-4 draw, with David Pegg scoring two and Jackie Blanchflower and Colin Webster chipping in the others.

Of this XI, four were to die in the February 1958 Munich air crash; two missed the flight due to injury/illness; four were survivors – but two, Blanchflower and Berry, were never to play again; another one, Whitefoot, was transferred in 1957. Missing from the picture – assume due to injury was the late, great Duncan Edwards.

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’69-’70 European Draw – When Cardiff City was rated above Man City

By on 15 September 2017

European club football began in earnest again this week with the Champions League and the Europa League now past the qualifiers and into the group stage proper. As we like to compare the new with the old at SoccerAttic, we take you back to Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, September 1969. Leslie Vernon, CBFM’s resident expert on Europe presented us with what he considered very strong draws for the First Rounds of the European Cup and the European Cup Winners Cup and made his predictions on each fixture. And a pretty good job he made of it too!

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